I am always open to considering a custom topic for any event—so please be sure to let me know if there is something happening in the life of your church, ministry, group, or other organization that you would like me to address. However, please note that I accept only a limited number of custom events each year because of the time required for study and preparation.

My schedule more readily accommodates the following standard events—so if you’d like to have me serve at your event in the coming year or two, you may want to stick to one of these:


“We are more than we dare to imagine!”

UNCONSCIOUS addresses the question of the source and meaning of our existence. It enters the evolution/atheism vs Biblical creation debate from the unique viewpoint of super-natural human performance. It’s a reflective examination of us human beings.

The conclusion reached after examining all the observable,  scientific, biological, and testimonial  evidence is: the Biblical record that human beings are “made in the image of God” is the rational explanation for this amazing phenomenon.


Presentations based on UNCONSCIOUS:

  1. Overview of this privileged state, answering the What, Who, When, Where, How, Why, Why Not, and our Hope in Christ
  2. Life is a PHENOMENON, It all adds up to “Beneficium: Involuntary Privilege”: Genesis 1
  3. There is a Zone of EXTRAORDINARY HUMAN PERFORMANCE • Its Temporary & Permanent Inhabitants
  4. The Power Source of the Zone, & The Laws of the Land
  5. The Road to The Zone • The Keys to the City • Roadblocks, Obstacles, Impairments, Etc.
  6. Talents & Gifts: Heredity & Inexplicable Gifts and Talents