This book is about us, you, our potential—human potential. It examines “incidents” of super human feats—how, why & what they mean to us.

If we didn’t have proof of its existence, we would be tempted to think this idea of a “Zone of super human performance” is the product of fantasy and imagination. But the book UNCONSCIOUS explores the world of reality.

Think about the hurricane, tornado, earthquake—all of these natural phenomena. What do they say to us? They occur, and make their mark in a powerful and convincing way. We hurry to forget, and hope they will not return; but we can’t ignore their power when they arise and disrupt our normality. They are all forces to be reckoned with. So it is with the incidents of The Zone Phenomenon (TZP™).

Are we supposed to act like it doesn’t mean anything?

We may attempt to ignore its influence and forget its brief appearances, but it too is undeniably a considerable force. It shakes our perception of reality.

Perhaps it asserts its power and influence to tell us something about ourselves that we are unaware of, or carelessly overlook. The tornado tells us how comparatively small and impotent we can be. But, maybe The Zone Phenomenon tells us how powerful we could be—our true potential? Whatever its meaning—like a hurricane, an earthquake, the tsunami, it is a force to be reckoned with!

Welcome to UNCONSCIOUS: Secrets of The Zone Phenomenon
From Those who Have IT, Had IT, For Those who Want IT™.