About Me

What I do

Joseph is a student, teacher, author of two published books, independent scholar, a lover of knowledge and wisdom, and a pursuer of the same since he was an adolescent.

He is self-employed, and his desire for independent learning has produced a number of entrepreneurial ventures over the last thirty years, and doesn’t see that trend fading anytime soon.

Joseph is a member and regular contributor to the question and answer forum Quora.com in the areas of Religion, Philosophy, The Bible, and Psychology. He is a Most Viewed writer in Old Testament , and has enjoyed that distinction in several other areas of knowledge.

How I do it

I am convinced that Jesus’s repeated statement “he that hath ears to hear, let him hear…” indicates that there is a distinction between the basic sense of hearing and hearing that reaches the mind and heart, producing understanding and transformation.

My method therefore, is to deliberately avoid focusing on the ears with vocal tones and inflections which “sound good” to the hearers and may be received as primarily entertaining. My focus is on the content of truthful words, which will alert the ears, engage the mind, and be received by the heart as desirable and valuable treasures to be kept, and profitable to produce spiritual fruit in the life of the hearer.

The word of God is the words of life according to Jesus. My method is to study and  expound the word of God as it applies to the topic at hand.

Where I live

I live in Bastrop & Houston Texas